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Equine Automation built its first feeder in 2009. The original unit was designed to aid in the treatment of our own horse who suffers from Insulin Resistance and Cushing's Disease. At the time we were unable to source a feeder that met the requirements we desired for optimal feeding media and schedules.


Now, over three years later, the X5-CD Feed Dispenser is available for sale as a fully engineered, field tested and proven device for use by anyone wishing to care for their animal in the best way possible.


At Equine Automation we strive to provide the safest, most versatile, highest quality, best valued product on the market today. We have field tested our product for over two years under extreme New England conditions, from frigid snowy winters to sweltering summer heat and drenching downpours. We are proud to offer this tool for aiding and controlling the multitude of dietary requirements found throughout the horse and large animal community.






Programmable Automaed horse feeder


X5-CD Automatic Feed Dispenser

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Includes everything you need to be up and running in less then one hour. Charger, mounting hardware, instructions, discharge chute, all included.



Solar Panel


X5-CD Solar Charging Panel

Product Details | Frequently Asked Questions

Add this Solar Charging Panel to your existing or new Feeder and never worry about recharging ever again. Ideal for situations were 110 volt standard outlet power is difficult to attain. Charging is self monitoring, set it and forget it. Solar Charger can easily be added to an existing unit in minutes. Comes factory installed if purchased with new feeder.



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