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Home of the X5-CD Automatic and Programmable Feeder, for indoor/outdoor use, ideal for horses and other farm animals.
The only programmable automated feed dispenser with the ability to dispense varying portions and feed combinations, feed cycle to feed cycle, providing a healthier feed regiment, more closely mimicking the animals natural grazing tendencies. Feed capabilities include Grain (up to 30lbs), Hay Cubes (up to 20lbs), Chopped Forage (up to 10lbs) and Supplements The X5-CD boasts the highest degree of versatility from any feeder on the market today at the most competitive pricing. Customizable Automation, Easy Installation, 6 Feed Bays, Battery Operated and Rechargeable, Optional Solar Panel
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HorseEquine Automation built its first feeder in 2009. The original unit was designed to aid in the treatment of our own horse who suffers from Insulin Resistance and Cushing's Disease. At the time we were unable to source a feeder that met the requirements we desired for optimal feeding media and schedules.



As seen in Hores Canada and Equus Magazine

Equus Magzine & Horse - Canada Magazine

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X5-CD Automatic Feed Dispenser

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X5-CD Solar Panel

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Sample video of our demo unit dispensing our max output of 30lbs of grain.





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