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X5-CD Solar Panel - FAQ

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Q – Is the Solar Panel weather proof?
A – Yes, it is designed to be used year round  in all weather.


Q – Do I need to disconnect the Solar Panel when battery is fully charged?
A – No, the Solar Panel has a built in micro logic controller. It will automatically shut off and restart as needed and never overcharge the battery. It will actually extend battery life.


Q - Does the Solar Panel work in snow cover?
A – The Solar Panel will need to be clear of snow cover to be effective. Typically snow will melt off before the battery will need recharging. Battery life without recharge is estimated at 4-6 weeks.


Q – Can I add the Solar Panel to my existing Feed Dispenser?
A – Absolutely, your new panel will need to be mounted to the current cover (or any surface with some direct sun exposure) and the wire lead plugged into the recharge port located near the controller.


Q – How much sun does the Solar Panel need?
A – As little as 4 hours a week of moderate sunlight will maintain the battery. As mentioned earlier the battery reserve will run the feed dispenser for up to 6 weeks, so long periods of overcast can easily be tolerated.


Q – Can I use a Solar Panel if my Feeder is mounted inside?
A – Yes. There are several ways to achieve this. The Solar panel can be mounted in any nearby window with sun exposure. Another method is to mount the Solar Panel outside in a location with sun exposure. If the wire provided is too short to reach back to the feed dispenser an extension wire of any length can be purchased from Equine Automation for a small fee to accommodate your arrangement.


Q – Does the Solar Panel have a warrantee?
A – The Solar Panel has a 5 year manufacture warrantee.



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Programmable Automaed horse feeder


X5-CD Automatic Feed Dispenser

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Includes everything you need to be up and running in less then one hour. Charger, mounting hardware, instructions, discharge chute, all included.



Solar Panel


X5-CD Solar Charging Panel

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Add this Solar Charging Panel to your existing or new Feeder and never worry about recharging ever again. Ideal for situations were 110 volt standard outlet power is difficult to attain. Charging is self monitoring, set it and forget it. Solar Charger can easily be added to an existing unit in minutes. Comes factory installed if purchased with new feeder.



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