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X5-CD Automatic Feed Dispenser - FAQ

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Q – Can I use the X5-CD outdoors?

A – Yes. The feeder is designed for indoor or outdoor use. It has been proven in temperatures ranging from 0 to 100 degrees (f) and all the elements; snow, ice, rain and direct UV.


Q - Do I need any special power requirements?

A – The feeder operates on a 12 volt rechargeable battery system. It runs without recharge for 3-5 weeks, a battery monitor is built into the LED display to notify you when it is time to plug in. Recharge is accomplished by simply connecting the charger to the unit and then plugging into a standard110 volt outlet, typically for an overnight.


Q – What if I have no access to standard electricity?

A – Equine Automation offers a Solar panel option which would make the unit 100% maintenance free with respect to battery service. All you need is several hours of moderate to direct sunlight, several days a week. The Solar Panel feature can be factory installed at time of purchase or field installed by the owner at any time.


Q – What type of feed can the X5-CD dispense?

A – Grains, Pellet style feed, Hay Cubes and Chopped Forage. In addition feeds can be mixed and changed daily as needed, proving to be very beneficial to an animal with special diet.


Q – What are the feeder’s capacities?

A – Three feeds, Grain, Hay cubes and Chopped Forage were evaluated;
            Grain / Pellet Style Feed – up to 30 lbs.
            Hay Cubes – up to 20 lbs.
            Chopped Forage – up to 10 lbs.


Q – Can I use the X5-CD to feed more then one animal?

A – The X5-CD will only dispense to one common point. It can feed multiple animals as long as the feed capacity is adequate and the animals being fed can share.


Q – How often does the X5-CD need to be programmed?

A – As long as the scheduled does not change, only once. Programming is only needed if there is a schedule change.


Q – Can the X5-CD cover my feed requirements if I need to travel, say overnight?

A – Yes. Feed can be set to dispense at any time you need. You simply preload the unit with up to five feed loads, Set the dispense times as far in advance as necessary and close the lid.


Q – Is the X5-CD safe for my animals?

A – Absolutely. The operating system is very low voltage posing not shock risk to you or the animal. Since the unit is mounted either outside the stall or outside the paddock there is never any risk to your animal damaging the unit or himself. The structure is fabricated from non toxic composites.


Q – Is the X5-CD difficult to install?

A – Fence mounting is very quick, under an hour.  Stall mounting may take a bit longer as a 6” x 12” opening will need to be created in order to deliver the feed into the stall.


Q – Can I pick up my X5-CD vs ship?

A – Pickup is a wonderful option as it will save approximately $80 in shipping cost and installation can be discussed in person specific to the buyers needs.


Q - How does the X5-CD ship?

A – The unit ships UPS in a 26” x 26” x 26”box and packed in an engineered foam packaging material. Upon delivery the unit will require some minor assembly. It comes with installation and operating instructions.


Q – Do I need any special skills to program the X5-CD?

A – No, if you can program your alarm clock you can program the feeder.


Q - How much does the X5-CD weigh?

A – The X5-CD weighs approx. 35 Lbs.


Q – Does the X5-CD come with a warrantee?

A – Yes. The unit comes with a one year warrantee covering any defects in workmanship or materials. Any damage caused by animal abuse or human neglect will not be covered. The X5-CD is designed in a modular fashion. This enables the owner to replace most any component in the field with just basic tools.





Programmable Automaed horse feeder


X5-CD Automatic Feed Dispenser

Product Details | Frequently Asked Questions

Includes everything you need to be up and running in less then one hour. Charger, mounting hardware, instructions, discharge chute, all included.



Solar Panel


X5-CD Solar Charging Panel

Product Details | Frequently Asked Questions

Add this Solar Charging Panel to your existing or new Feeder and never worry about recharging ever again. Ideal for situations were 110 volt standard outlet power is difficult to attain. Charging is self monitoring, set it and forget it. Solar Charger can easily be added to an existing unit in minutes. Comes factory installed if purchased with new feeder.



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