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x5cd - automated horse feeded
The Equine Automation Model X5-CD Feed Dispenser, like other feeders is programmable to dispense on a preset schedule. What separates it from the pack is the ability to dispense varying portions and feed combinations, feed cycle to feed cycle. The X5-CD is suitable for indoor/outdoor use, battery operated and rechargeable. The X5-CD is a proven tool for helping horses with Insulin Resistance or Metabolic Syndrome disorders, in all cases providing a healthier feed regiment more closely mimicking the animals natural grazing tendencies. Feed capabilities include Grain (up to 30lbs), Hay Cubes (up to 20lbs), Chopped Forage (up to 10lbs) and Supplements. The X5-CD boasts the highest degree of versatility from any feeder on the market today at the most competitive pricing.




Product Features


  • Up to 5 programmable feed times
  • Any or all days of the week
  • Indoor or outdoor use
  • Ideal for horses with Insulin Resistance or Metabolic Syndrome disorders where small portion and high frequency feedings are recommended
  • Versatile stall or paddock mounting
  • 1 cubic foot capacity
  • Handles a wide variety of feeds
  • Promotes a healthier feed schedule
  • 100% weather proof construction
  • Designed for year round use
  • Battery operated, up to six weeks without recharge
  • Safe, low-voltage operating system
  • Built-in battery monitor, no guess work
  • Fused circuitry for jam protection
  • No on-site wiring required
  • Battery charger included
  • Installs in less than one hour
  • Suitable for other farm animals





Feeding Capibilities
    Who Benefits
  1. Horses with Insulin Resistance or Metabolic Syndrome, where small portion, high frequency feeding is needed
  2. Older animals eating a modified, non-traditional diet
  3. Animals confined to stall rest helps ease boredom
  4. Busy animals owners who "just can't get there"
  5. Mimics an animal's natural grazing tendencies


Grain, Hay Cubes, Forage




Programmable Automaed horse feeder


X5-CD Automatic Feed Dispenser

Product Details | Frequently Asked Questions

Includes everything you need to be up and running in less then one hour. Charger, mounting hardware, instructions, discharge chute, all included.



Solar Panel


X5-CD Solar Charging Panel

Product Details | Frequently Asked Questions

Add this Solar Charging Panel to your existing or new Feeder and never worry about recharging ever again. Ideal for situations were 110 volt standard outlet power is difficult to attain. Charging is self monitoring, set it and forget it. Solar Charger can easily be added to an existing unit in minutes. Comes factory installed if purchased with new feeder.



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